Peel Open Pouch

Peel pouches are used for small, lightweight, and low profile items. A well-designed and correctly used pack provides effective sterilization, safe handling and storage of packed items till the moment they are used.

Our pack remains sealed against moisture and facilitates aseptic presentation of the packaged product. The sterile state of a medical device is maintained with the help of this packaging.

The design, raw materials and manufacturing process of the final product is compatible with the medical device to be packed.

Our peel-open laminates are an ideal packaging solution for moisture sensitive medical and pharmaceutical products. The peelable lamination seals and peels to itself, allowing for easy-opening, convenient product dispensing and portability.


  • Consistent and uniform seal layer.
  • Quality barrier seal provides finest safety for product.
  • Peeling function shows visible seal evidence on the pack when opened
  • Compatible with different sterilization techniques
  • Particulate-free opening feature reinforces product integrity
  • Easy to process on high-speed equipment
  • Consistent and adjustable peel strength, for soft or robust peel feeling


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