PVC Sleeves

We manufacture PVC and PET Shrink Sleeves using polymer plastic film that blends very well to high quality 360 degree printing. The sleeve encompasses packaging container and becomes an integral part of the package when heat is applied. These are used in packaging of wide variety of items such as Food/Confectionary, consumer goods, Toys & Games, FMCG Goods, Electrical Parts, CDs & DVDs, boxes, books, beverage cans & bottles, medicines & Cosmetics, Stationery, Auto Parts, etc.

The sleeve is placed such that it encircles the container and when the combination is subjected to controlled heat, it shrinks to become an integral part of the package. Sleeves can be used with a variety of containers like glass, plastic, metal & composite cans that blend well to high quality 360 degree printing.

Labeling options we offer:

  • Wrap-Around Sleeves
  • Metallized Paper Sleeves
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Pressure Sensitive Sleeves
  • Heat Transfer Sleeves


  • Gives product a striking appearance and maximizes shelf impact & consumer appeal.
  • Provides a safety seal by making the package contents tamper proof.
  • Circumvents dust and moisture & increases product shelf life.
  • Clear identification and transparency guarantees buyer about the product & its components.
  • Reduces dependency on manpower & packaging cost, simplifies handling and speeds up production.
  • Different shaped & reverse printed makes the print scratch- proof and reduces damages during transportation.


  • The Film is given its properties of thermal contraction, excellent clarity and mechanical strength. It is supplied in the form of rolls of running meters of (500,700& 1,000 meters) or as cut sleeves of required shapes.
  • Shrinking Ratio: Vertical upto 15% + 5% & Horizontal shrinkage 45% + 5%.
  • Sizes: From 70 mm to 600 mm lay flat tube width in 25 micron and above.
  • Heating Systems require: Heating tunnels, Hot air guns, Ovens etc.
  • Storage: Should be stored in cool place away form sunlight, heat & humidity.


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